Limitlessness of human stupidity

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July 30, 2012 by k1d0

So, there is this guy in Croatia – Marko Perković Thompson, very famous nationalist singer. His motto is that he sings of his three big loves: God, Family and homeland.

His concerts are attended mostly by ustaše and lyrics are classic chewing gum for the brain, yet his popularity is worrying.

You can find his name on almost every patriotic, nationalist website.  Number of visitors that visit his concerts climb up to 100.000 people.  He celebrate and encourage killing mostly Bosniacs and Serbs, since his favourite themes in his songs are Second World War (where he celebrate fascist NDH and Ustaše movement), and last war in Bosna i Hercegovina.

He never publicly admitted his connections to ustaše, and he’s saying that his songs are filled with love, strength, respect for God, Family and homeland.

One of his song is also called “Za dom spremni” which is a Croatian salute that is literally translated “For homeland – ready!”. It became infamous during World War II due to its use by the fascist Ustaše movement supposedly as their equivalent of the fascist salute.

One of his songs is called “Evo zore, evo dana /Here comes the dawn, here comes the day (original lyrics can be found here)”. This is his version (excuse my literal translation)

“Jasenovac i Gradiška Stara, to je kuća Maksovih mesara (Jasenovac and Gradiška Stara, that is the house of Maks butchers)
Kroz Imotski kamioni žure, voze crnce Francetića Jure (Through Imotski trucks rush
Driving black uniforms of Francetića Jure)
U Čapljini, klaonica bila, puno Srba Neretva nosila (There was a slaughterhouse in Capljina, Neretva carried away many Serbs.)
(ajmo ruke/ hands in air)
Oj Neretvo teci iza stranu, nosi Srbe plavome Jadranu (Hey, Neretva, flow downhill,
Carry Serbs into the blue Adriatic.)
Ko je moga zamisliti lani, da će Božić slavit partizani (Who could imagine last year
That Partisans would celebrate Christmas.)
Tko je reka, jeba li ga ćaća, da se Crna Legija ne vraća (Who said, his father fuck him
That Black Legion is not coming back.)

Sjajna zvijezdo iznad Metkovića, pozdravi nam Antu Pavelića (Shining star above Metkovic Send our greetings to  Ante Pavelić.)

The best thing about this guy is that all his whining about morality, god, country etc. is rounded off with todays news – He owes to Croatia more than 1milion kunas (cca. $163.739/133.082€) for tax frauds.
Talking about honesty, morality and human stupidity …


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